Sugaring FAQs

  • Do not shave for approximately 3-3 ½ weeks prior to sugaring appointment.
  • Exfoliating: helps to pull up hairs stuck under dry skin layer so they will be removed during treatment:
    • Use Dry Skin Brush (before showering, while skin is dry)
    • Loofa sponge or wet washcloth (while in shower)
  • Hydration: at least ½ body weight in ounces (or more) daily with minimal coffee/soda. This is essential to allow hair follicles to be removed more effectively and with minimal pain.
  • NON-toxic skin care products to reduce inflammatory response (fewer red bumps/less pain).

The length of your sugaring session with be based on the specific treatments. You will be informed of the duration when you schedule your appointment.

Mild discomfort or pain may be experienced during the first few treatments; however, this discomfort will diminish over time as the root become thinner.

  • Use non-toxic lotions/make-up & continue gentle exfoliation (dry skin brush/loofa sponge).
  • Do not shave again between appointments.
  • Rebook your next appointment for approximately 3 ½ weeks:
    • It takes about 3 treatments 3 ½ wks apart to get hairs at the various cycles of hair growth. At this time you will find silky smooth results lasting weeks because all the hair follicles are now on the same cycle and it takes them a few weeks to regenerate and for a new hair shaft to grow.
    • Any discomfort/pain during first few treatments will diminish over time as the root becomes thinner and is easier to pull out through the pore.

    • Staying on a cycle of 3 ½ wks will give you continued smooth results and you will find hair growth slower, softer and sparse. It is every woman’s dream come true!

  • Call us with any questions or concerns. We are here to guide you and help you and want you to absolutely love sugaring as much as we do.

Feel GREAT about your choice for doing something wonderful for your body and for the environment. We appreciate you and welcome you into our sugar family!