Sugar Me Love is dedicated to serving the women of Tucson with the ancient art of hair removal. Our premier services leave our clients feeling silky smooth and confident.

Freedom to be You

It is time to throw away the barbaric razors and be free to enjoy your life without the fuss or nonsense of chasing your hair!

Sugaring is a safe, virtually painless, and environmentally friendly skin care service using only lemon, water, and sugar. The benefits of sugaring combined with the low environmental impact is changing the way that women remove unwanted hair.

Benefits of Sugaring vs. Other methods

Unlike the other methods of hair removal, sugaring is less painful, and the results last longer.

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  • Damaging to skin and more painful as it takes off layers of healthy skin
  • Results don’t last as long as sugaring
  • You have to wait for hair to grow longer between appointments
  • Large environmental impact of supplies used during treatments
  • Shaving


  • Takes the top hair off but the root stays
  • Hair follicles thicken and hair shaft becomes more coarse/sharp
  • Hair grows faster so you are constantly chasing it with a razor
  • Environmental impact of disposal razors, packaging and shaving products
  • You don’t have to wait for hair to grow as long between appointments because sugaring can get hairs that are shorter.

    After approximately three treatments three weeks apart, the 3 cycles of hair growth are on same timing so results of feeling silky and smooth will last a few weeks, and then you are ready for your next sugaring!

    Does sugaring hurt?

    When compared to waxing, sugaring is often found to be less painful. The highest level of discomfort is often felt with the initial sugaring treatment. To alleviate this discomfort, we offer a comfort spray administered 20 minutes prior to treatment.

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